Get a first-hand full of life, traditional market experience, through Bayara’s rustic souk environment. Our souks are stationed and ready to serve you, across several hypermarkets, supermarkets and self-service stores in the Middle East and Africa. What’s more? Our friendly staff awaits to welcome you, to help you pick the delicious treats your heart desires.


Choose your favourite full of life Bayara products, from your nearest hypermarket, supermarket or grocery stores. If you live in the Middle East or Africa – Bayara will meet all your needs and wants for Snacks, Dried Fruits, Nuts and Dates, along with Spices and Herbs as well. So next time you go to shopping for your kitchen essentials, you know exactly what to get.


Travelling to meet loved ones? Forgot to get them gifts? Well, don’t forget Bayara is available in most Duty Frees, across the Middle East. Visit with hands full of the best gifts ever and a heart full of life – with health-wise, nutrition-wise and taste-wise goodness, from our wide range of products. Go and give presents, which no one can refuse and everyone can love..


Wondering how some of your favourite and best hotels, manage to always serve you the most delicious and full of life foods? Bayara is the answer. We provide the best of our ingredients to several hotels, restaurants and catering industry – all through our efficient HORECA team. Being trusted by notable world renowned chains and institutes is surely a plus, while gaining your trust is definitely a bonus.