Jean Marc Lourau

CEO, Gyma Food Industries and Bayara FZE

Bayara has been able to successfully build on the expertise and heritage of Gyma Food Industries, in manufacturing and distributing FMCG products across the Middle East and Africa.

It has been an honour for me to lead the development of Bayara since 2001 and to bring up this dynamic company as the leading brand in the region. Bayara is the proud leader of dried fruits, nuts and spices in the Middle East. This year, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we honour Mr. Gilbert Ducros, who founded our company in 1992.

Today, inspired by our corporate values, ethics, people and enthusiasm, we strive to provide the very best, by manifesting wellness in our consumer’s lives. Our performance is well-balanced between social and financial perspectives, as we continue to be involved in social and environmental responsibility. This is guided by our strong corporate ethics of having a deep respect towards the world we live in. We also link our success to the prosperity of the communities who live around us. One of our strong commitment for the future is to reduce waste and carbon footprint. Hence, we drive our efforts towards responsible sourcing of our raw materials, while our manufacturing and production processes assure proper waste recycling methods.

The success of our company is due to the harmonious enthusiasm of our team, the trust from our partners and the love for our customers.

Our effort in prosperity of our communities is also harnessed within our company through substantial investment on skillful training programs for our employees, provided at Bayara Academy. Our core values continuously encourages us to invest in our ‘People of Tomorrow’ programme, where employees are trained on product knowledge, communication and leadership skills in dynamic business scenarios.

Our development and key achievements in 2016 include the opening of our new manufacturing facility in Cairo, Egypt, to develop core categories and to also bring our expertise into Egypt and North Africa – with an all new line of nuts for snacking, dates and creative mixes of spices.

We appreciate the support and trust of our partners, on which our customers’ loyalty banks towards Bayara. These are our strongest pillars of our sustainable growth. Driven by a strong sense of commitment, we aim to increase our revenue by growing into new geographies, product categories and by building our brand. Additionally, I am proud to announce that our company has been heavily investing in social media, in order to connect and interact continuously with our consumers.  With this message, I am pleased to emphasise my support to our team, partners, customers and consumers. Thanks to them, Bayara has truly become a regional power brand, holding a top position in our core categories and core channels. We trust in the strategic vision and leadership, of our organisation and welcome all possible opportunities, for sustainable growth and development – this is why we will continue to invest into different areas, from research to innovation, from manufacturing to technology and from farm to food.

Building up on the heritage of Gyma Food Industries, we at Bayara can certainly look forward to a very bright future.


The world around us is changing rapidly and the future seems to be nearer than expected. Over the years, we as a company have adapted, changed and adopted the latest trends, developments and technologies – which is why we have been able to take giant strides of success over the years. But, we don’t want to stop there, we want to evolve and expand, and this is expressed in our vision for the years to come.

Our Vision

"To be recognised as a trustworthy leading brand in the categories of Nuts, Dried Fruits and Spices, all over the MENA region."


Led by our vision and in line with our values consist to :

Protect our existing business by securing and leading our core categories in term of sales, quality and innovation in each and every channel.

Develop our company through 3 pillars:
  • Territory expansion in whole MENA region with successful business development in Egypt, KSA and Oman.
  • New product development in direct line with our core categories; nuts, dried fruits, spices, pulses, dates and olives.
  • Brand building with Bayara as the leading brand in MENA region.


Our values are what makes us who we are and have also helped us not only with our customers, but also with our employees.
Here are the 6 pillars on which we stand:

Milestones Of Bayara

Our journey to success has been full of life and flavour. We have had many remarkable milestones on this voyage and would like you to join us.

  • Gyma was created in the U.A.E., with the main focus on trading activity.
  • We opened Gyma’s first serve-over counter at Deira City Centre
  • The first retail packs entered the market for the consumer goods section
  • We, as Gyma, set out on a successful partnership with Emirates Catering
  • We took our first step into the Travel Retail segment
  • We moved to bigger and greater things – moving from Jebel Ali to Dubai Investment Park, at an elaborate state-of-the-art facility, with 20,000 sq. mt. area (13,000 built-up area)
  • Gyma transformed into the new and full of life Bayara
  • We love winning awards! We are bestowed with the prestigious AA ranking for factory safety and for high productions standards
  • We take our first step into the dynamic and fascinating market of Egypt with our Egypt subsidiary
  • It was an honour for us as we crossed fully functional 150 serve-over counters across the U.A.E. and the GCC